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BIG NEWS ! ! !

DeTails is happy to announce that


have now been added to our list of available services!


You can find details (no pun intended) and schedule your sitting and walking dates through !


Just search for the Pearland area (regardless of where you actually live) and you'll see a listing for

Mickey Kinzer - that's me!

Open it up and look around to read all about Mickey, the sitter, and her resident dogs.


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                               Get out your 2014 Calendar!

You know you’ve been wanting to do it.

When you get around to it.

You want to get your dog trained.

But you’d rather learn how to do it yourself. (Who wants to pay a trainer to do it, if you can learn to do it yourself, right?)

So . . . what if you could get a trainer to train YOU how to train your dog?

                  Hmmm . . . What a deal that would be!

Pencils ready?  January 2014 . . .

 Classes starting for both ADULT and PUPPY classes.

Really cool classes.

New classes start EVERY WEEK.

Start any time you want.

Sign up for a class that can be completed in 5-8 weeks, and have TWELVE (12) weeks to do it!

Do it at your own pace. Come every week if you want, or
skip a week or two. Doesn’t matter. SAME CLASS EVERY WEEK. If you missed last week or just want to repeat last week, or get started on something new, just come THIS week!

It’s a win-win. Your DOG learns stuff and YOU learn stuff. However fast you and your dog want to do it.

Just do it.

Easy-Peasy. Just call or email one of the contacts below
and get your space reserved in a class NOW.

Bellecreek Sports Dog Training


DeTails Pet Dog Training


                  Now . . . you’ve got a round-to-it. So do it.